The Story of Schaws Sauce

With a time-tested, sweet and robust flavor, Schaws Sauce is one-of-a-kind wonderful for the basting and barbecuing of chicken, pork, beef, and wild game. Schaws Sauce is most forgiving while barbecuing. If it blackens darker than desired while cooking, simply reapply Schaws Sauce until desired color is attained.

Foodies across the nation are feeding their addiction to Schaws Sauce, even stepping away from the grill, to use its unique and delectable flavor as a compliment to Asian food, baking glazes and even slow cooker soaks.

This is not just another barbecue sauce — it is an exclusive, award winning basting and barbeque sauce. The secret is out in its hometown of Iron River, Michigan, where it is the best selling sauce at the local market. Set the trend in your hometown, and watch your friends clamor for their own bottle. Try Schaws Sauce today and taste for yourself. You’ll be back for more.

Randy and Nancy settled in the lush green forests of Northern Michigan in 1972. They built and have managed a charming fourteen cottage resort, Lac O’ Seasons Resort, that caters to families, and developed Schaws Sauce while grilling for and visiting with friends and families staying at the resort.

Randy was a school teacher for twenty-seven years, filling his off-hours and summers with resort projects. Nancy has been the faithful office and staff manager of the resort since its inception in 1973. The Schauweckers have always loved laboring side-by-side, whether it be building a new cottage or cooking dinner for their family. Their daughters have found them many times dancing cheek to cheek in the kitchen, rather than scrubbing the dishes soaking in a sink full of soapy water. Theirs is truly a fulfilled, joy-filled marriage. Many have called Iron River a modern-day “Mayberry.” The Schauweckers agree…and wouldn’t change a thing.

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