Make Life Sweet

Try our award winning gourmet sauce. Life will never be the same.


Original & Hot

Schaw’s Sweet Sassy

A Sauce Set Apart

With a time-tested, sweet and robust flavor, Schaws Sauce is one-of-a-kind wonderful for the basting and barbecuing of chicken, pork, beef, and wild game.  This is not just another barbecue sauce — it is an exclusive, award winning basting and barbeque sauce, the best selling sauce at the local market in Iron River, Michigan.

Set the trend in your hometown, and watch your friends clamor for their own bottle.

Schaw’s Sweet with Heat

Spice up Your Life

Schaws Sauce Hot is the gourmet spicy food lover’s dream come true: the perfection of Schaws Original sweet and sassy flavor that packs a 1-2-3 punch of flavorsome hot.

Treat your taste buds with the delicate balance of our distinctive three pepper blend. Spicy habanero, fruity serrano & traditional jalapeño unite to deliver a new one-of-a kind wonderful to spice up your life.

There is Nothing Like It. We Promise.

Driven by the desire for something absolutely unique, we tinkered with the recipe for Schaws Sauce, refining the recipe gently over two decades. With “a taste of this” and “a touch of that,” sweet perfection was attained. Dinner guests would frequently cluster around the stove, spoons in hand, to savor the sauce before it even reached the grill….we knew we had hit a barbecue home run.